Athens By Night Greece

Athens By Night

Embark on an enchanting Athens night tour, a symphony of lights and history that unveils the city’s dual identity. Begin your journey in the modern city center, where illuminated boulevards guide you to the historic Plaka district, its cobblestone streets echoing with ancient tales and timeless charm. The Acropolis, a radiant crown atop the city, serves as the tour’s focal point, casting a majestic glow. Marvel at iconic landmarks—the Olympic Stadium, Temple of Zeus, and Panathenaic Stadium—each bathed in nocturnal splendor, narrating stories of ancient glory.

Explore Parliament Square and the neoclassical grandeur of the Athens Trilogy, a testament to the city’s classical heritage. Continue your nocturnal adventure to Microlimano at Piraeus port, passing Marina Zeas, where private yachts twinkle like stars on the water.

This captivating journey seamlessly weaves together the threads of Athens’ rich past and vibrant present. The cityscape, illuminated under the night sky, forms a harmonious blend of modern vibrancy and timeless allure, leaving you with an indelible memory of the Greek capital glowing beneath the stars. Experience Athens’ magical transformation after dusk, where history and modernity dance together in a mesmerizing spectacle.

Athens By Night Private Tour
Indulge in a panoramic Athens night tour, traversing the modern city center, the historic Plaka district, and the illuminated Acropolis. Witness iconic sites like the Olympic Stadium, Temple of Zeus, and Panathenaic Stadium. Explore Parliament Square, and the Athens Trilogy, and drive to Microlimano at Piraeus port, passing the impressive private yachts at Marina Zeas. Experience the enchanting cityscape, blending modernity with ancient allure, on this captivating nocturnal journey through Athens.

  • Acropolis Hill
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Old Olympic Stadium
  • Changing of the Guards
  • Lycabettus Hill
  • Academy of science
  • Athens University
  • National Library
  • Placa, The Old City
  • Piraeus Port
  • Microlimano
  • Marina Zeas

5 hours

  • Comfortable clothing and athletic walking shoes are recommended.
  • Hat and sun glasses are suggested.
  • Photography is permitted throughout the tour.
  • Local cash needed for entrance fees and small expenses (25€ pp)
Tour Feedback
Activity Level 75%
Kids Friendly 85%
Historical 75%
Cultural 75%
Tour flexibility 90%
At you own pace 90%
Positive Reviews 100%