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Marathon and Rhamnus Mystery Half-Day Tours

Embark on an unforgettable Marathon Tour with us, commencing from Athens and winding through charming small towns until we reach Marathon. The epic tale of Marathon traces back to the heroic feat of Athenian Greek soldier Pheidippides in 490 BC. After the victorious Battle of Marathon, Pheidippides ran an astonishing 42.195 meters from the battlefield back to Athens to proclaim the “NIKE” (Victory) against the Persians, an act immortalized in the Marathon race held as the final event in every Olympic Games. Our journey includes visits to the archaeological museum, the Marathon tomb, and the race museum.

Following our exploration of Marathon, we’ll continue our adventure to ancient Rhamnus, inhabited since the Neolithic age. Renowned for its castle and port in ancient times, Rhamnus boasts attractions such as the temple of Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution, the small temple of Themis, the goddess of Justice (5th Century BC), remnants of the local fortress, and the ancient theater. Marvel at a breathtaking panoramic view of the area from this elevated vantage point. Join us for a truly unique tour experience!

Marathon and Rhamnus Half-Day Tour

During our exclusive tour, we’ll take you to the renowned site of Marathon, the location of the historic Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. In this pivotal event, 10,000 Athenians and 1,000 Plataeans successfully forced the Persians to retreat to the sea, leading to the establishment of the “Marathon Run” as the concluding race in every Olympic Games. Our journey will also delve into the intriguing Mystery of Rhamnus.

  • Marathon Tomb
  • Marathon Museum
  • Marathon Run Museum
  • Marathon beach
  • Rhamous
  • Temple of Nemesis
  • Temple of Themis
  • Panathenaic Stadium

5 hours

  • Comfortable clothing and athletic walking shoes are recommended.
  • Hat and sun glasses are suggested.
  • Photography is permitted throughout the tour.
  • Local cash needed for entrance fees and small expenses (25€ pp)
Tour Feedback
Activity Level 75%
Kids Friendly 85%
Historical 75%
Cultural 75%
Tour flexibility 90%
At you own pace 90%
Positive Reviews 100%