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Top Places to Visit in Greece – Meteora Monasteries

Why to Visit Meteora?

You will find a lot of reasons for visiting Meteora. The energy of this place will take you to another dimension. Starting with the unique geological phenomenon, moving to the important cultural heritage, going to the breathtaking views and natural beauty, discovering the little local taverns and the hospitality of the people, probably you will find your own personal reason why Meteora is a Must See Place if you are visiting Greece.

The Best Way to do it!

The Best Way to Visit Meteora from Athens, is to do a “2 Days Multiday Private Tour” and spend a night in Kalambaka, the small city under Meteora Rocks. This is because just the road trip to go and return, is about 10 hours. You can combine your trip to Meteora, with a visit to the Archaeological Site of Delphi! According to Ancient Greeks, a destination of a lifetime! Another point of interest on the way to Meteora, is the historical location of Thermopylae.Where one of the most important battles in the history of the world, took place there. The place where the 300 Spartans of King Leonidas fell. By spending the night in Kalambaka, you will be able to admire the Sunset from Meteora Rocks, one of the most beautiful sunset locations in the world. A Favourite location of Photographers. Next morning you will be able to visit some of the 6 Monasteries that are open for visitors today. Depending on the exact day that you will be there, one of the Monasteries will be closed for the public. On the way back you can stop for lunch at a beautiful seaside village named Kamena Vourla. Be Our Guest!

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